I finally made it as pro-photographer….been targeted by Nigerian Scammers!

Only took me a decade to get an email from these Nigerian scammers trying to trick me into parting with my hard earned cash!



I spotted it straight away but have been stringing them along to waste their time. It’s the standard Nigerian scam where someone overpays you in advance for a service/product, and asks you to forward the difference to a third party. They pay with a cheque that eventually bounces, depsite your bank initially clearing the funds, meanwhile you are out what ever funds you were stupid enough to forward.

In my case the difference in funds is supposed to pay for their flights into Nanaimo so they can get married! So now I’m getting emails pressuring me to forward the difference.

The things to look out for! They are out of the country soon to return, and your only contact is via email. They want a quick quote for work/products and aren’t bothered with talking to you. Their language is slightly off in emails. In my case even the name was off….’Mr Buck Steel’, sounds like a porn star, and a cursory Google check finds no mention of this guy. They mail you a ‘certified cheque’ from their ‘associate’. In this case a ‘Sally Oric’ with a return address of 1311 Grove Ave, Richamnd, VA, which apparently is a very posh building up for sale according to Google!

So in my case the cheque duly arrived and as expected it was for double the amount. At this point I’ve confirmed I’m dealing with a scammer. I took the cheque to my local bank who confirmed it was fake, and hilariously when they photocopied it, the copy came up with the hidden ‘void’ written all over it.

I was going to forward Monopoly money but they are pushing for a bank to bank direct transfer….wondering how long I can string this out for 🙂

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