Mixing it up..Weddings in Ucluelet, Nanaimo, and Victoria!

3 weddings in blogged in one post….cause I’m lazy……Usa & Stephen married just down the road from me in Cedar/Nanaimo, Andrea & Tyler at the very nice Delta hotel in Victoria, and finally Jenny & Sheldon at the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet.

078_A&T_070816122_J&S_130816148_A&T_070816Delta hotel wedding victoria160_A&T_070816187_J&S_130816274_J&S_130816Delta Hotel wedding victoria 1303_A&T_070816303_J&S_130816306_J&S_130816360_A&T_070816325_A&T_070816329_A&T_070816349_A&T_070816405_J&S_130816364_A&T_070816367_A&T_070816210_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM385_J&S_130816Ucluelet wild pacific trail bride and groom155_A&T_070816Ucluelet wild pacific trail bride and groom 1414_A&T_070816Big Beach ucluelet Bride & Groom052_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM167_A&T_070816126_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM109_A&T_070816208_U&S_060816224_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM604_J&S_130816235_U&S_060816240_U&S_060816271_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM283_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM307_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM415_U&S_060816 1.31.19 PM

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